Princess Bedroom in a Cabin Part 1: Floors, Walls, and Beds

We wanted to remodel our 2 and 4 year old daughter’s bedroom into a room fit for princesses but we live in a cabin. A real cabin. 100 year old logs all chinked together.

So every time we decorate it is a major undertaking. There are no square walls, no perfect corners and no drywall in our cabin.

Yes it’s beautiful. Truly unique.

Explain that to a 4 year old little girl who wants a princess bedroom!

It’s a small cabin. 4 rooms total. We have a great room that includes the kitchen, dinning, and living spaces. Then we have a two small bedrooms and a bathroom. There is a hallway that has the laundry and another tiny little second bath. We had closet added to the back of the cabin since there are NO closets in the bedrooms.

Their bedroom is 9.5′ x  11.5′. So I have a very small space to work with.

The original beds we had measured 41.5″ X 80″ and we used them with our boys. They looked like boy beds. They were supper sturdy but bulky.

I wanted dainty and feminine. I wanted pretty little princess beds.

I found 2 small metal beds measuring 39″X 77″ from I only paid $75.72 each since I chose to pick them up at my local Walmart. They will arrive on Tuesday! The picture below is from Walmart’s website. This is not from our cabin.

We struggled with what type of floor to put in the room. We wanted something soft underfoot yet easy to clean. Our options are:

  • vinyl,
  • laminate,
  • carpet,
  • tile, or
  • hardwood.

We ruled out tile because it is not soft. It is so easy to clean and is in most of the cabin. However, we wanted something that would be comfortable for the girls to sit on and play.

Vinyl and laminate are both soft, easy to clean and very affordable. However, they both are easily damaged. Our girls are like bulls in a China shop. So we decided against those choices.

That left carpet and hardwood. Carpet was the softest and most comfortable. Hardwood was the easiest to clean and most durable.

Since the girls are so messy we decided to put hardwood on the floors and lay a nice rug that could be replaced if they stain it.

Laying hardwood is a major challenge in a cabin. Remember, there are no square walls! It was lots of fun figuring it all out.

When we moved into the cabin my husband chose the color on the wall and surprised me by painting the room a bright hot pink. I was definitely surprised. When we repaint the room this week we will be painting the walls a very pale pink called Pixie Dust 1004-2C by Valspar which I picked out at Lowe’s. The lighter color will make the room seem larger.

Tomorrow we will finish the floors and stain them Minwax Golden Oak 210B. It takes 24 hours to dry.

Monday we will paint the room.

Tuesday the beds arrive.

Wednesday I finally get to start decorating the room and making it fit for 2 little princesses!

Check back next week to see updated pictures of the Princess Bedroom in a Cabin.

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