5+ Fun Ways to Make Succulent Containers!

Step One: Find the cute inexpensive container. I found each of the containers above for $6 or less at thrift stores. I wanted containers that were sealed so that I could place them on my dressers. You can choose either closed or open. Stores like TJ Max and even Walmart have low cost terrarium containers both open and closed. You really can repurpose any container, even a teacup or mason jar.

Step Two: Add big rocks. I purchased 5 bags of decorative pebble rock from the Dollar Tree. I picked out the bigger rocks and made a layer about 1-2 inches thick on the bottom of the containers. This is important for the closed containers because you don’t have drainage holes so the water will pool up around the roots and cause them to rot.

Step Three: Add activated charcoal. So your probably wondering why? This helps keep the mold and bacteria from growing in this moist area, which is otherwise ideal for them.  This is the step that most people skip because they can’t find the charcoal! Don’t skip this step!! Yes, charcoal for the grill is different from horticultural charcoal. The grilling kind has chemicals that you don’t want on your succulents! You can find it Lowe’s and Walmart. In Walmart it’s located in the pet section.  


Step Four: Add peat moss. Again, I purchased five bags of this at the Dollar Tree and I had two bags left over when I finished making the five containers.

Step Five: Add soil.  I used purchased three bags of soil from the Dollar Tree.  They don’t always have soil available, but during Spring they do! So lucky me!

Step Six: Add succulent! I purchased 6 succulents for $10 dollars from Walmart. They had individual succulents ranging from $3.48 to $6.48.

Step Seven: Add pebbles.  In some of my containers I used the smaller pebbles from the Dollar Tree purchase.  In other containers I used flint. My husband has a ton of it. He hunts for Indian artifacts and always keeps the flint he finds. Flint is actually little pieces of sedimentary rock, in Kentucky, it’s limestone, that are leftover from the making of ancient tools. I think it looks awesome in my succulent containers!

Step Eight: Add decoration: I didn’t want to take away from the succulents but I did want to have a place to showcase my other little treasures. I’m a nerdy Biology teacher and I love rocks. So I added geodes! I added geodes to every container!!

Step Nine: Place in the perfect location and enjoy! I currently have them in on dressers in my bedroom.  But I will be moving them to my classroom in the Fall.

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