Hello, my name is Melinda.

I’m married to my amazing husband Chris. Together we have five wonderful children, three adult boys and two beautiful little girls.

I teach high school Biology. I have a Bachelor’s in Biology and Masters in Education.IMG_0731

Long ago I played soccer and the violin.  I coached soccer for several years while my boys were growing up.  I look forward to coaching again this fall as my little girls begin to play.

My hobbies include shopping at the Goodwill, flea markets, and yard sales, to find fun little treasures to restore.  I love trying to recreate crafty ideas with my daughters and students that I find on Pinterest.

Recently I started to have a few health issues and I realized that I spend too much time in the classroom and not enough time with my girls. I also realized that I work for free way too much. And spend much of my limited income on my class supplies.  So I decided that like others before me, I should start a blog and try to earn a little money for the resources I create! Hopefully, some of the other little crafty things I do with my girls will be of interest to the world as well.